Music Program

The organ at Christ the King Lutheran Church is a one manual  E & G.G. Hook tracker organ. It was built in 1865 and has had several church homes before coming to Christ the King. Its previous home was in Massachusetts where it was nearly destroyed by a fire. The Andover Pipe Organ Co. rebuilt the instrument to include nine ranks of pipes and a separate pedal division. Shortly thereafter, Christ the King purchased the instrument from the firm.



Christian Education 9:25 AM
Fellowship 10:15 AM
Holy Communion 10:45 AM
2nd Sunday
2nd Tuesday
Council Meeting 6:00 PM
3rd Tuesday
Shawl Ministry 6:30 PM
2nd Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM
WELCA 11:00 AM
4th Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM

Christ The King
Lutheran Church

7239 Patterson Rd
Columbia, SC 29209 

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