Christian Formation


Ara Adams, Council Liaison

This team coordinates the Christian formation ministry of the congregation and works to insure biblical and theological soundness. Christ the King offers three different Bible studies for adults on Sunday mornings and during the week. Wednesday nights in September and throughout Lent are devoted to special study topics.

Christian Education 9:15 AM
Fellowship 10:15 AM
Holy Communion 10:45 AM
2nd Sunday
2nd Tuesday
Council Meeting 5:45 PM
3rd Tuesday
Shawl Ministry 6:30 PM
1st Thursday
Melting Pot 12:00 PM
2nd Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM
WELCA 11:00 AM
4th Thursday
Mid-week Bible Study 10:00 AM

Christ The King
Lutheran Church

7239 Patterson Rd
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